Your First and Second Visit

What to Expect on your First Visit:

For the first two visits, please budget approximately 60 minutes for your appointment time.  Upon arrival, please come inside to check-in. You will meet with a Chiropractic Assistant to complete our sign-in process. 

Education is very important to us, we believe that it is foundational for you to understand why we do, what we do in this office. You can expect:

Chiropractic Education:

The visit will continue with an Educational video including;

  • History of Chiropractic
  • Benefits of Chiropractic Care


Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Assessment:

The next step is having your assessment completed. This assessment will include:

  • Neurological and Orthopedic Evaluation
  • Spinal Health Assessment
  • Range of Motion


Conclusion and Final Steps to the First Visit

At the end of your visit, we will;

  • Review our privacy policies
  • Review and complete consent forms 
  • Discuss and create your financial care plan. Government issued photo ID is required.

Methods of payment: MasterCard, Visa, Debit and Cash.

Cost of First Visit: Adult $90, Child $60


After Your First Visit:

The chiropractor may request Chiropractic Postural Spinal X-rays. These help provide information such as:

  • Position of spinal bones in relation to where the nerves sit
  • Health of the spine



There are a number of reasons why X-rays won’t be requested. These are:

  • Not necessary to complete treatment plan or diagnosis
  • Pregnancy
  • Age
  • Recent usable spinal x-rays (in the last 2 years)
  • Specific medical conditions


Should you require x-rays, we will refer you off sight to a medical imaging clinic to get these done.


*If you have already had x-rays done, or any other diagnostic tests (MRI, CT Scan, etc.), please bring the report or a digital copy on your first visit.  


What to Expect on your Second Visit:

Your second visit is your Doctor’s Report. This video presentation is where our chiropractor will review:

  • Chiropractic education
  • The results from your chiropractic assessment
  • The results of your chiropractic postural X-rays (as needed)
  • And give you specific instructions on how you can obtain the best possible results

At the conclusion of the report, you will meet with our chiropractor, review and complete a consent to care form and receive your first specific, scientific chiropractic adjustment. 

Cost of Visit:

Doctor's Report $0

Adjustment: Adult $41, Senior $33, Child $28


We look forward to meeting you and assisting you on your journey to reaching optimal health!

"My hands are no longer numb. The pain in my left leg is 95% gone. I no longer get headaches. I sleep WAY better now."
— Tricia D.