Your First and Second Visit

What to Expect on your First Visit:

This appointment is approximately 50 minutes.  Education is very important to us, we believe that it is foundational for you to understand why we do what we do while we serve you in this office. You can expect:


  1. Introduction to our Office
  2. Chiropractic Education
  3. Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Assessment


Introduction to our office:

Upon arrival, you will meet with a Chiropractic Assistant and:

  • Fill out a financial care plan (bring photo ID and Cash, Cheque or Credit Card.  Debit is not available.)
  • Explain our monthly billing and statement system
  • Review the consent form


Chiropractic Education:

We will take you on a tour of our office. This tour includes education on the:

  • History of Chiropractic
  • Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Then we will meet with you and educate you on:

  • The process by which we look for “vertebral subluxations” 
  • How our chiropractor will remove these subluxations through specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments

Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Assessment:

The next step is having your assessment completed. This assessment will include:

  • Spinal Health Assessment 
  • Range of Motion




After Your First Visit:

The chiropractor may request Chiropractic Postural Spinal X-rays. These help provide information such as:

  • Position of spinal bones in relation to where the nerves sit
  • Health of the spine


There are a number of reasons why X-rays won’t be requested. These are:

  • Pregnancy
  • Under age
  • Recent usable spinal x-rays (in the last 2 years)
  • Specific medical conditions


We will send you off sight to a Medical Imaging Clinic to get these done. We do require that you go for them on the same day as your first visit so that our chiropractor has time to make his measurements and markings on them prior to you returning for your second visit.


*If you have already had x-rays done, or any other diagnostic tests (MRI, CT Scan, etc.), then please bring them into our office on your first visit.

What to Expect on your Second Visit:

Your second visit is your Principled Doctor’s Report. This class is approximately 90 minutes long. At this free educational class, our chiropractor will review:

  • Chiropractic education
  • The results from your chiropractic assessment
  • The results of your chiropractic postural X-rays
  • And give you specific instructions on how you can obtain the best possible results


Once the class is done, you will receive your first specific, scientific chiropractic adjustment.


We look forward to meeting you and assisting you on your journey to reaching optimal health!

"Hardly waking up with headaches from my neck anymore. Less pain in my right shoulder, easier to get comfortable to sleep at night, and less pain in knees."
— Susie