Online Booking

IMPORTANT: Please read below before signing up!


Never been to our office before? Has it been longer than 2 years since your last visit? 

We will need you to fill our a New Member Form and schedule an assessment with a team member.  Click here to get started. Once your form is submitted, a team member will reach out to you to schedule your visit. After your first two visits in our office, the online booking system will be available to you to sign up. 


Are you an active practice member?  

In order to utilize our online booking system you will be required to set up an account. The system allows you to schedule and view your appointments online 24/7 and sync your appointments to your online calendar. This feature is available to all members after their second visit in the office while they are actively under care.  If you have not been to our office in the past 2 years, please see above note about re-activating. 

The button below will connect you to our system where you can set up your username and password. Please use the same email that you have on file with us in the office to create your account in order to prevent complications with your in office file. 

We do not have the ability to change the formatting of this system, however we are able to share feedback and suggestions with the developer.  At this time, you are not able to cancel an appointment but you are able to reschedule.  Should you need to cancel an appointment please contact our office - we are happy to help! Click to Create Your Online Account


Already have an account set-up? Click the link below to schedule your appointments!

Click Here To Schedule Online


For Instructions on How to Set-Up Online Booking click the link: Online Booking Instructions

"My hands are no longer numb. The pain in my left leg is 95% gone. I no longer get headaches. I sleep WAY better now."
— Tricia D.