July 14, 2022: Phone Connection Issues for Telus and Bell Users

We are aware of an issue with phone calls being made to our office from users with Bell and Telus.  Please try texting (780 462.4243) or emailing (info@iochiro.com) us instead until the issue is resolved within the phone companies.  This has been reported to all affected phone companies.  We are so sorry for the frustration this causes, please rest assured we have done all we can to expedite the issue.  

Our WHY...

We choose each day to SERVE for the sake of serving, to GIVE for the sake of giving and to LOVE for the sake of loving.  So that we can restore HOPE for those seeking a life of optimal HEALTH and FUNCTION through specific, scientific, chiropractic care.  By doing so, it is our mission to see people's lives set FREE so they can achieve their God-given potential and live a life of FREEDOM, in turn giving back to those around them.  It is our desire to see lives shine from the INSIDE-OUT!  


"More strength in left arm/shoulder, better posture, overall wellness"
— Jason