I can run again!

I am a former Police Officer, active sports enthusiast, and hunter experienced. I was in a bad place, I was hurting. Many parts of my body were seizing up. I had chiropractic care before where they would twist, crack, and hurt my neck. I didn't want to see another chiropractor until the pain got so bad. My family insisted I should come here. I now have relief through gentle chiropractic care from my stiff joints and a back that seized regularly. I am now able to run and throw again, and think better and clearer. If you're afraid of chiropractic, I'd tell you to try this. It's gentle, it's not harsh, and it works.


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I can move pain free again!



I first started coming to see Dr. Jason at Inside-Out Chiropractic Center because I had displaced my hips 4 years ago in the most ridiculous way and was in a lot of pain.  My doctor did not believe me and said that it would work itself out.  For 2 years I hobbled around, with orthopedic surgeons that I work with telling me my gait was off and I needed to have it looked at.

After receiving my specific scientific chiropractic adjustments I can move pain free again! I had previously gained 30 pounds because I could not do the activities I used to do.  Now I can ski, walk and I have started running and now the weight is slowly leaving!

Going to Inside-Out Chiropractic is worth it!  I wish I had heard or even thought about chiropractic earlier.  I would not have had to be in pain for so long.

I only wish I had known sooner....



I first started coming to see Dr. Jason at Inside-Out Chiropractic Center because…

I came with my mom to a Principled Report class. What I heard made a whole lot of sense to me.  It was amazing to hear about all the illnesses, aches, pains, diseases that chiropractic treatments can heal.  Since I was in a car accident 9 years earlier and was still in a lot of shoulder, neck, and arm pain, I made an appointment. I’m grateful now to have 4 generations of my family coming to Dr. Jason to be healed. We are slowly getting more and more other family members to receive healing.


After receiving my specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments, the changes I have noticed are…

I have a greater range of motion in my neck. I can lift my arm up without limitation. My reach is better, I can type longer than before, and I have more energy in general. It’s only been 8 months and I have experienced such a positive change, I only wish I would have known sooner and not suffered so long with the sleepless, pain-filled nights.


What I want to tell others about Inside-Out Chiropractic is…

Dr. Jason and the Chiropractic Assistants have a desire to help heal people. And they are. You can expect a miracle… I’m witnessing it. I was told that I would have to be in pain for my lifetime, that there really is no cure, or anyway to heal me. They were wrong! I am healing from the inside-out. And I would like to tell you not only to expect a miracle”… but someone I love told me to “expect a NEW miracle every day.” I AM.

Thank you Dr. Jason and Inside-Out Chiropractic staff. God has His Blessing over all of you.

May you continue to be blessed.

"I can sit and stand without pain in my lower back and my intense periodic headaches are gone. I feel less stressed, more patience and have more energy."
— Warren