My overall health has greatly improved!



When I first started receiving specific, scientific chiropractic care from Dr. Jason, I considered myself to be perfectly healthy. I used to get a couple headaches a week and suffered from pain in my joints occasionally, all of which I believed to be normal occurrences and that there was not much to be done about it.

After receiving a few specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments, I noticed that I had fewer headaches. As time progressed, I also realized that I hadn’t experienced any pain in my joints, such as my knees, ankles, elbows and wrists, in a very long time.

There are other aspects of my body that improved such as my immune system, posture and jaw – the right side was very sensitive to touch. My overall health has greatly improved since coming to Dr. Jason.

I can happily say that now that I am under regular chiropractic care, I experience headaches very rarely, closer to once every 6 months than a few every week. I rarely get sick and in the situations that I do, I fight it off very quickly, and I have a greater knowledge on how to take care of my body.

I am now able to say truthfully that I lead a healthy life thanks to chiropractic care. I am very thankful that God heals through Dr. Jason and am blessed that I get to receive such amazing care.    

Higher Immunity



I first started coming to see Dr. Jason at Inside-Out Chiropractic Center because my husband Dave had started and was experiencing good results.


After receiving my specific scientific chiropractic adjustments I went from being sick with colds, flus, sinus infections every couple of months and being sick in bed to being able to fight “bugs” and rarely sick!


What I want to tell others about Inside-Out Chiropractic is that it has changed my life and helped me cope with emotional stress. Our family has been blessed by Dr. Jason’s ministry and has received much healing because of it.


"I used to have headaches 2-3 times a month due to stress, now I have NONE! I also have much less pain, especially no shoulder pains and much less neck pain. The numbness in the heel of my foot is not nearly as bad, I sleep much sounder and feel more rested, AND I have less stress and feel more relaxed."
— Jack W.