Headaches and More!



I first started coming to see Dr. Jason at Inside-Out Chiropractic Center because I had headaches almost daily and I had pain my left hip and knee.

After receiving my specific scientific chiropractic adjustments the changes I have noticed are that I my headaches are almost completely gone. When I do have a head ache, Dr. Sabo relieves it through excellent Chiropractic. I am grateful that my left knee can climb steps again without pain.

What I want to tell others about Inside-Out Chiropractic is that this healing method must be tried before taking drugs. In my case, drugs are not needed for headaches. Dr. Jason has been helping me with my sinuses and I can walk without pain. Thank you very much Dr. Jason and assistants for help!

Frequent Headaches



Before I started chiropractic care with Dr. Jason, I suffered from frequent headaches, as well as upper back, shoulder, and neck pain. No matter what stretches or painkillers I tried, on some days nothing helped. 

I honestly thought I was going to have to ‘get used to’ the idea of living with pain for the rest of my life. While it didn’t seem too much out of the ordinary, I was disappointed that it had come to that so early in my lifetime.

On my first visits to the office, I was impressed with the detailed level of assessment I received as a New Practice Member. The Chiropractic Assistants explained everything to me, which is great because I love learning and always ask a lot of questions. J  I was truly shocked when I saw my x-ray results which showed I had a reversed curve in my neck. I had no idea that I had so many vertebrae out of alignment. Seeing exactly how misaligned vertebrae were cutting off the flow of my lifeline made an impact on me, and how I viewed my overall health.

The information I learned during the Principled Report (PR) class astounded me. I didn’t consider myself to be a heavy user of over the counter painkillers (like Tylenol, Advil, muscle relaxants), so I thought their effect on me would be minimal. Seeing the poster with the statistics chart showing the effects of these drugs has changed my opinion considerably!

After just a few weeks of regular chiropractic care, I had fewer headaches, my upper back didn’t hurt and I could shoulder-check with ease when I was driving. One time I realized at the end of the day that I was not in any pain and did not have a headache all day long! Hallelujah! I wasn’t taking any more painkillers and felt better than I had in months. So many little things that I didn’t realize were affecting my quality of life, were now being restored and healed.

I am so grateful to Dr. Jason and my fellow Chiropractic Assistants for the attention to detail and quality of care I receive. Specific, scientific, chiropractic care is making a dramatic difference in my every day, day to day life!

I am looking forward to better health and the hope for my future is… a future without pain!

11 years of migraines!



I never could imagine that I would be standing in a chiropractor’s office. I had many people refer me to Dr.Jason but even hearing testimonies from trustworthy people I was too scared to come in. One day stretching backwards I felt something out of place and was hurting so bad I decided that it was worth the risk with the pain I was in to go see Dr. Jason. Coming into the office is an experience in itself with the ladies being so unbelievably sweet and helpful. Chiropractic aside, coming in put a smile on my face with the amazing people working at Inside Out.

After a couple adjustments I could feel my back realigning and the pain subsiding. I would come in and he would know exactly what would be bothering me. Dr. Jason knows exactly how every little part of your body functions. He will earn your trust more with every visit, showing you love and care you will not be used to from your average health care provider.

I wasn’t even aware of some of the pains I was living with until one day I realized that I felt completely different with no nagging back aches or pinching nerves, all which I learned to just live with because I thought it was a part of life. Over time my knee I had injured in soccer made a slow recovery, something I never thought was possible without surgery. I also had been suffering from headaches and migraines for 11 years which after a year of care started to slow down from two to three a week to about one to two a month. Amazing! I know that with continued chiropractic care I will see more and more healing and I look forward to that! My family and I will continue to see Dr.Jason as a part of our preventative health care!

Dr. Jason Can Help You



I first started coming to see Dr. Jason at Inside-Out Chiropractic Center because I had headaches and my groin an f leg gave out often when I walked. 

After receiving my specific scientific chiropractic adjustments, the changed I have noticed are very few headaches, my leg does not give out, and when I do my exercises from Dr. Jason it corrects my neck and headaches.

What I want to tell others about Indie-Out Chiropractic is that the office and values are Christian based and that Dr. Jason can help you, he is a caring man. 

"Before seeing Dr. Jason I could barely sleep through the night because my back was too sore (I have had back pain since childhood). But since coming in I have less back pain, less headaches, I sleep a lot better and playing piano is easier."
— Amanda H.